Stop Saying the “T- Word”

These days, the American people have grown accustomed to their President regularly engaging in Twitter arguments, making bigoted and racist comments, defaming the character of disabled people, women and people of color, as well as talking the United States into a nuclear show down against several, well-equipped nations.

The President himself is a big enough distraction to eclipse the fact that Congress is currently working to dismantle Obama Care and defund Planned Parenthood. Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water. A medical doctor is over public housing, and a woman who has never set foot in a public school classroom is now nationally in charge of them.

For any other administration, such red flags of inadequacy, inexperience, and unqualified public servants, and a President who regularly showcases his lack of sensitivity and professionalism would be untolerated, if reached at all. Yet, somehow, 45 has been able to make it this long with an approval rating of 36%. For those of you who remain skeptical of white privilege, this is what it looks like in its most dangerous form.

And to make matters worse, this week alone, 6 of the best business leaders in the country have withdrawn from their positions as members of 45’s Manufacturing Council of Business Leaders. The White House has been in and out of executives and top staff members as if they are trying on new clothes: Michael Flynn, gone. Sean Spicer, gone. James Comey, gone. Anthony Scaramucci, gone. The list continues starting from 45’s first month of office to now.

The inconsistent and rollercoaster-like administration that continues to twist and turn only seems to be getting buried deeper in 45’s kerfuffles. Everything he touches either quits, repeals, or runs, and at the center of this political tornado is the President himself. With his name comes a certain connotation: bigot, racist, talking head without a brain, tweeting robot.

Ok, I’m being a little facetious, but so is 45 with nearly everything, including the current state of the White Supremacist show down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Blaming all sides, which is what the President did, is a false equivalency of what it means to protest versus progress. Protesting is exactly what the White Supremacists did Saturday by barring themselves against the police (see video).

Local officials announced the removal of what for many people in this country is a racist and painful memory found in the statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederacy’s top general. This is a protest because White Supremacists openly, and aggressively I might add, expressed their disapproval of the removal of a racist symbol, apparently out of fear that they may become the minority one day.’s as if they think minorities get treated badly in this country, or something.

Progress, however, is what the counter demonstrators brought to the scene. A forward movement toward a destination; in this case, it would be complete and total liberation for all constituents of the United States of America. Progress sometimes involves protesting, but it can also be as simple as removing a racial bomb before it detonates. Both the protestors and agents of progress were present, so the bomb detonated prematurely, which brings us to the aftermath that we’re currently living in together.

The initial events in Charlottesville, Virginia were made permissible when the country elected 45 as president. I hold him and his practices responsible for acts of white supremacy and racism.  For so many reasons, including but not limited to the ones listed in this article, I will no longer give The President of the United States power by saying his name. Yes, you read right. I will refer to him as “45”, “the President”, “the current administration” because no longer will his negative-energy carrying, oozing-with-hate connotation of a name cause more collateral damage.

Separating the name from the administration may serve as an eye-opener for all of us. If we take the same conversations that we have about 45 and his actions and replace his name with “Lincoln”, or “Roosevelt”, or virtually any other President, there’s an entirely different situation at hand. Yet, we are tolerating 45’s comments, stances, and actions because for too long we’ve allowed him to act this way.

Omitting his name may seem small, but I challenge you to try it once and notice the difference. Before you know it, the “T-word” will be the newest curse word.

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