10/26: Everything wrong with Megyn Kelly’s exit from NBC

In practice, this power dynamic represents the lack of respect the Black community receives until white people need us to make themselves feel better about saying or supporting a racial slur and “learning” how to grow from it.

9/8: Put some respect on Serena’s name

A direct, expressive set of facts presented to a position of power still needs approval according to its standards. And since the umpire perceived Williams’ remarks as weapons against his disposition, he penalized her because he could. So this isn’t just about the point(s) in question, or tennis. This is about the umpire feeling threatened by Williams and what she represents.

8/21: A week’s time under this administration

The events of this past week only exacerbate tensions that call for the president’s impeachment, or at the very least his resignation, in light of his severe conflicts of interests, linkages to criminal behavior, egregious ineffectiveness and gross acts of misconduct.

8/17: Dear Millennials, Here’s why Aretha Franklin bridges generations

When I first heard of Aretha Franklin’s passing, I thought to myself, “Oh okay. Aretha is dead.” Even now, admitting my shortsighted conclusion is embarrassing at worse and disrespectful at best. The Queen of Soul is literally a time capsule that bridges almost seven decades of civil rights within one, iconic being. It is only…