Power Play: Why a Black-owned Panthers team is important

There are zero Black majority-holding owners in the NFL. This far-reaching gap feeds the long held stereotypes that Black people are best kept entertaining and not involved with anything on the business side. So, this isn’t about football or its commercialization. This is about representation in decision-making positions.

How #MeToo has forgotten black women

As significant as it is to the landscape of gender equity across the country, #MeToo has become a mouthpiece for well-off white women while excluding and shunning the voices of black women.

Silenced and suspended

By acting to protect their corporate reputation and revenue streams, and to placate the White House, ESPN committed an act of censorship that was inarguably a moral injustice.

Credentials over color

This is precisely why Serena Williams is so important to young black athletes of all genders, but especially women. She consistently debunks racial stereotypes and reminds us that credentials matter more than color.

Picture Perfect

Whether we admit it or not, colorism and racism are still alive and well. They continue to live through jokes that are told and the speech that is tolerated. Laughing away issues and statements that have historical prominence silently encourage their continuation.

Sounds of resistance

In the last year, songs by black artists such as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Beyoncé offer resistance to the racism that is spreading across the country. Their lyrics focus on black liberation, colorism, financial stability and broader ideas that impact communities of color

14-year-old Trinity Simone is Black Vibe Tribe

Simone is well aware that real change doesn’t happen overnight, however she started Black Vibe Tribe as the origin from which other acts of blackness can mount themselves, foster, and grow into a collective effort toward total liberation.

For the 44th POTUS, Barack Obama

4:44 is for the 44th POTUS because it recenters conversations around black lives and how systems of oppression actively work against people of color.